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Genuine Handcarved Coral & Cameos

The Workshop

Bimonte Sorrento is the oldest cameo workshop in Sorrento that continues a craft tradition dating back centuries. In our workshop, every stage of the creative process is carried out with care and dedication. From design to the meticulous selection of shells, from the carving of the cameo to the setting, everything happens in our workshop in full compliance with the rules of the Italian Art of Cameo Carving. Our expert craftsmen put love and skill into every piece they create, transforming them into preciouse works of art.

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The ancient art of coral

Originally practiced by the peoples of the Mediterranean, such as the Greeks and Romans, coral craftsmanship has maintained its significance over time. Once extracted, coral is shaped, smoothed, and polished by master craftsmen who transform the raw material into unique works of art. Coral production is an ancient art that embodies the elegance and quality of Italian craftsmanship, reflecting the passion and expertise of skilled hands that created them.