"Pan" Cameo


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About this product:

Genuine hand carved shell cameo

Shell: Cassis Madagascariensis

Cameo Size: 45

Our creations are furnished with certificate of authenticity

The art of cameo carving

The art of cameo craftsmanship is an ancient form of relief engraving, also known as glyptics, on shells and gemstones, representing an artistic tradition that has captivated humanity for centuries, back to ancient Greeks. This refined technique involves creating raised images, with a darker or colored layer contrasting against a lighter background. Cameos are often used to adorn jewelry, such as pendants, rings, and brooches, but also to embellish artworks and clothing ornaments. 

Beauty and expressive power

Even today, cameo carving is done by hand, continuing to enchant jewelry enthusiasts and collectors, embodying an extraordinary blend of artistic mastery and timeless beauty. It is an ancient art form that serves as a testament to the style and history of the era in which it is created, requiring remarkable skill and precision to depict minute details and craft a highly precious object, whose outstanding artistic and artisanal quality comes to life in the hands that created it.

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