"Allegory of time and Truth" Cameo

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Hand Carved Cameo

Category: Art Masterpieces

"Allegory of time and Truth" Painting by Annibale Carracci

Iconographically, Hannibal's Allegory illustrates the victory of truth favored by time. 
The personification of Time - recognizable by the decrepit age and by the hourglass 
in his hand - in fact, pulls out of a well the winged figure of Truth (an ephebic adolescent)
 that looks in a mirror while crushing Deception (or Fraud). 
The Deception seems to have a small monstrous head on its neck which underlines 
its duplicity and its wickedness

Genuine hand carved shell cameo
Shell: Cypraecassis Rufa
Cameo Size: 63 mm
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