"Berenice" Cameo

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Hand Carved Cameo

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"The Hair of Berenice" by the story of the Greek Poet and Philologist Callimaco


The story is that of the hair of Queen Berenice, wife of Ptolemy III Evergete. 
The latter, having just taken power, had to leave Egypt to take part in a military campaign in Syria: 
on that occasion Berenice made a solemn vow to consecrate his beautiful hair to Aphrodite,
if her husband had returned safe and sound. On the return of Ptolemy she kept her promise,
 but the hair disappeared after some time. Conone, the court astronomer, then claimed to have found 
it in the sky in the form of a constellation that to this day is called "Chioma di Berenice".

Genuine hand carved shell cameo
Shell: Cassis Madagascariensis
Cameo Size: 50 mm
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