"Romeo and Giulietta"

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Hand Carved Cameo

Category: Art Masterpieces

Copied from "Twilight, Romeo and Giulietta) by Gaetano Previati ( 1889-1891)
In 1919 Nino Barbantini ( Art Critic)comments on the painting as follows:
 “The two figures follow the two mouths that nail each other and squeeze in an irresistible kiss.
 The woman weighs on her lips to make them more adherent and heavier on those of the man. 
This kneeling in front of her extoles himself towards those lips, on the raised chest, to breathe all 
the breath and throws his head back, resting it on his shoulders to resist the aggression of his
 beloved mouth to oppose an equal violence. And they both cling to their hearts, 
the warm tangle of their intertwined hands. 
The two bodies form a single vibrating and confused thing in the mystery of the shadow. 
The profile of their agony and their delight is clearly outlined against the romantic
 light of the moon that calms the discs of the window and illuminates under the voluptuous
 shadow of the closed eyelids, the pallor of the faded cheeks, the gesture of the two figures 
is sudden and infinite ". A passionate goodbye kiss.

Genuine hand carved shell cameo 
Shell : Cassis Madagascariensis
Cameo Size: 62 mm
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