"The Wisdon and the Beauty" Antique Cameo Bracelet

Antique Cameo

Category: Cameo bracelet

Wisdom and strength together with beauty, femininity and eros.

In this ancient cameo, the deities ( Minerva and Venus ) are an allegory of the attributes of BEING A WOMAN

Genuine Antique Cameo bracelet set in solid gold 18 ct

Shell: Cypraecassis Rufa

Cameo Size: 37 mm

Cameo age: 1880 - 1890

Setting: Modern setting ,solid gold 18 ct , completely hand made and completely hand engraved.

"The Wisdom and the Beauty" Antique Cameo bracelet is designed and created by Bimonte Sorrento

Our creations are furnished with certificate of authenticity

"Bimonte Sorrneto" Mark stamped on the setting