Filigree Work Coral Earrings

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About this product:

Hand made filigree-work coral earrings set in solid gold 18 ct.

Traditional Italian style this top quality coral earrings are furnished with certificate of


Total dimension of the earrings: 48 mm / 22mm

Treasure of the seas

Treasure of the seas, coral has fascinated humanity since ancient times. Contrary to what one might believe, it is not a precious stone but rather the product of tiny polyps living at the bottom of the sea in the form of colonies, with that distinctive tree-like appearance. There are mainly two coral working techniques: smooth and engraved, one used mainly for the creation of jewellery, the other for sculpting figures, floral motifs or details in the coral.

Timeless elegance

Symbol of elegance and refinement with its timeless charm and natural beauty, coral has always been used in the creation of jewelery and works of art thanks also to its brilliant variety of colors ranging from pale pink to bright red. Its unique nature and fascinating history make coral a precious and fascinating element in the natural and artistic universe.

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