"Memento Mori" Cameo Necklace

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Hand Made Cameo Jewelry

Category: Gold Necklaces

Genuine hand carved shell cameo necklace set in solid gold 18 ct ( white and yellow gold), 

Diamonds and solid gold 18 ct chain ( white and Yellow gold)

Cameo Size: 29 mm

Total Size of the Pendant: 53 mm

Chain: Solid gold 18 ct , 20 inches long

Diamonds weight: 0,42 kt

"Memento Mori":

Among the most ancient "Memento mori", that is the representations that remember that every man must die, one of the most important is certainly the mosaic found in Pompeii. The work is easy to read also because the symbols have remained unchanged for about two millennia. The wheel is luck. The luck of life. It turns as long as man is alive and can push it, directing its course, towards wealth or poverty. Death comes - the skull - the wheel stops and nothing has more value. Death makes equidistant from wealth and poverty, which lose all meaning.
Only Psyche (represented by the butterfly), the Soul is alive, despite being crushed by the skull. and survives beyond death.


"Memento Mori" Cameo necklace is designed and created by Bimonte Sorrento

Our creations are furnished with  certificate of authenticity

"Bimonte Sorrento" Mark stamped on the setting