''Siren of Sorrento'' Eye Glass Holder

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Hand made jewelry

Category: La Sirena Di Sorrento

Sterling silver ''Siren of Sorrento'' eye glass holder

''Siren of Sorrento'' size: 23mm

The Siren of Sorrento is not just any siren. It is the Homeric siren, the siren of Ulysses. 
The mermaid, as well as all mythological subjects, brings with it a load of symbolism open
 to different interpretations. But, beyond the "Frightening" interpretations of warning 
not to follow one's senses, the Homeric sirens sing the song of truth. They reveal the "True" with their song. 
The "Truth" is dangerous, the truth destroys you to make you reborn, aware. The "Truth" kills the fable, 
the magic, the truth scares, really. Ulysses, on the other hand, represents the hero, the one 
who is not satisfied with being told what is right and what is not. He wants to listen: in doing so, 
he not only enhances the concept of free will, but also the concept of "Curiosity", as a spark for learning, 
discovery and therefore growth.

Bimonte Sorrento mark stamped on the setting