''Aquila e Serpente'' Cameo Necklace

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Hand made cameo jewelry

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The eagle and the snake have always been perceived as symbols linked to the celestial world and the terrestrial world, in contrast with each other according to modern representations. However, in human history these two animals have not always been enemies, once the eagle and the snake were linked by mythology and their symbolic function, to a reality that requires both factors, both celestial and earthly. In Homer's entire iliadic poetry, eagle and snake are a symbolic combination that accompanies the whole narrative and in which one element cannot do without the other, since both are the vehicle through which Zeus expresses his will. This magnificent metaphor symbolizes the need to look at nature as a unicum, a seamless whole, in which the symbols that often seem opposed to us are actually linked by a common destiny and symbolism, as well as the things of the world that they often seem to us in contrast and that they are, instead, more similar than we think.

Genuine hand carved shell cameo pendant set in sterling silver and sterling silver chain

Shell: Cassis Madagascariensis

Cameo size: 35mm

''Aquila e Serpente'' cameo necklace is designed and created by Bimonte Sorrento

Our creations are furnished with a certificate of authenticity

Bimonte Sorrento mark stamped on the setting