"Apotròpaios" Cameo Ring

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Hand Carved Cameo

Category: Silver Cameo Rings

Genuine hand carved shell cameo set set in sterling silver

Shell: Cassis Madagascariensis (Three Layers)

Cameo Size: 26 m m

"Apotròpaios" Cameo ring is designed and created by Bimonte Sorrento

Our creations are furnished with certificate of authenticity

"Bimonte Sorrento" Mark stamped on the setting


A very unusual cameo ring, but at the same time a very meaningful piece of Art.

"Apotropaico" from the Greek word "To keep away" , is an ancient simbol for Protection.

But this ring is a little bit more than this: The tongue out, is a challenge sing to everything

that scares us. A message that say, I AM NOT AFRAID, I AM GOING TO FIGHT.