"Daphne" Cameo Necklace

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Hand Carved Cameo

Category: Sterling Silver Necklaces

Genuine hand carved shell cameo necklace set in sterling silver and sterling silver chain

Shell: Cassis Madagascariensis

Cameo Size: 65 mm / 47 mm

The cameo depict a beautiful young girl, eye to the sky.
Below the face two waves (symbol of belonging to river gods) and a laurel branch.
A butterfly ( symbol of transformation) and a flower with five petals ( symbol of continuous pursuit of freedom).
her hair is in motion as if she had made a sudden movement. She is Daphne.

 Love does not necessarily mean being or have been requited.

The greek god Apollo fell in love with Daphne, daughter of the river Peneus and Gea, without her reciprocate and brought his desire to the extreme.
One version of the myth of Apollo and Daphne tells us that Cupid, determined to take revenge on an offense suffered by Apollo, the god strikes with a golden arrow able to fall in love to madness, gods and mortals, the first of which they had laid eyes after the shot, and this fate befalls the nymph Daphne. Apollo, despite being a god, not a mere human being, can not escape the impetus of emotions that cloud the mind.
Daphne is oblivious to the attentions of Apollo, Cupid struck with hatred arrow that does shy away from her lover. One day, as he wanders through the woods, Apollo sees her and chases her.
Shortly before they reached Daphne invokes his father's help Peneus to its shape, because of his torment, it is transformed into something else. Within moments the nymph turns into a laurel tree
Apollo joins her, but it's too late, can just steal a kiss, before the transformation is complete.
And thus it ends the life of Daphne, so as not to suffer a love unsolicited and unwanted. Apollo has abused his power and his strength against a woman who had no other means to defend themselves, if not run away or sacrifice. Even when the sacrifice and the pain of the nymph are made evident by the tragic choice, God does not stop from kissing her. The last moments of Daphne closes with the last abuse
Daphne does not seem to be the only victim, Apollo himself has to deal with something that has been imposed and that creates pain because his desire is not satisfied. Do not choose to love and do not always know how to love, rationality, in these cases, slow to make its presence felt.
The feeling upsets the reason.
It has a high symbolic value in the myth that it is Cupid, an external element, to instill certain feelings to both, it removes responsibility from them feel the emotions they feel. We are not responsible to love, it just happens, many external and internal factors to the person contribute to our emotional arousal, but we are responsible for how to love. We can manage our behavior in relation to our lives. No feeling, as real and authentic, authorizes us to disregard what other feels.